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Please do not ask me!!!
When these things are available, i will let you know!!!


Gifts to Us!!! Thanks so Much, Guys! <3

These beautiful and precious gifts from my friends aren't in any particular order, i just added them all in in the order i got them.
Thank you so much for these artworks, they always brighten mine and Kitten's day and encourage me to draw many of the characters we can tell you love the most from us!
Thank you!!!

If you've done art for me or FursonaKittenMittens, you can view it here in this link!
I love all of you guys!…

Little Fox Icon by Trillo-Lillo Little Fox Icon by Trillo-Lillo Little Fox Icon by Trillo-Lillo Little Fox Icon by Trillo-Lillo Little Fox Icon by Trillo-Lillo Little Fox Icon by Trillo-Lillo




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United States
Pirate Flag Stamp by Wearwolfaa

Live, Love, and LOOT!

Name: Fae FierceVulpine

Location: Dragon Realms -- the high seas (and skies)

--Who am I?--
Crazy "Jamaican" pirate with a super unhealthy dragon fixation.
P.S. I'm a fox.
Don't eat my food or I'll scream at you with my loud fox mouth. >:U *loud*

Look m' sword's a bit outdated in this pic of me, so here's a link to show ya the better one.…

Ya dare set foot on my page, huh?
Well that's just fine, so long as you remember one rule...
Be respectful.
That's right!
I welcome all -- the pure, the sin-stained, the lost, the found.
No matter what your belief, I will not cast you aside!
But put down my beliefs, fail to do as I do unto you, and you'll soon find yerself rockin' the wrong boat.

Life's a challenge, you know.
We've all gotta find our way through it, and mine is by maintaining faith and looking toward the stars as I sail my ship, the FreeFlyer through the vast night skies.
And of course, the mighty seas.
There be no storm too strong for Fae and HER crew, ha ha!

I have many interests at heart and they grow all the time.
Take a look at what I got!
But don't be stealin' it for yerself, or we'll be havin' a biiig problem...
You don't pirate stuff from pirates.
That's just stupid -- not to mention cowardly.
All right?

Don't be afraid to approach me, now!
You can address me as Fae, or Fox.
Or Captain...
...Or "Alyssa," if ya really must go that deep.
Behind this tough exterior lies a lover at heart, not a fighter.
I do all I can to get along.
So please, enjoy the journey with me!
Maybe when it's all over we can all pass around a mug of rum, huh?
Heh heh...

My crew is a lovely one, oh yes!
Me navigator and best friend, FursonaKittenMittens is still finding herself, too, but she is also an artist!
Please, go give'r a look!

AsphaltCat is me oldest friend, and is always adopting or making a new character, and her taste is phenomenal!

zhidkovv Is an amazing poet and writer.
Go to him if yer lookin' for somethin' good to read!

Milo-James-Thatch ?

Pitch----Black ...???

If ya want to know more about me, this folder in my gallery will tell you plenty!
I highly suggest looking at it to learn about me on an ah...less intimidating level. ;p…


Anchor - Free Icon by marti-cI LOVE anchors, such great decoration! And, ya know...Great for stoppin' the ship at sea.
Pirate Map by CrazyMLC...A map? PFFT! I can't navigate to save me tail. That's what Amme's for! I can read the land marks, though. Just don't ask me how to get anywhere.
Pirate coin by Tanukitsune1Ahhh yes, I love the gold and the gems. I put glitter and shine in all my art for a reason, ya know.
Crab Idle Animation by RehmielCRABS! I like to eat em, and to play with them. They really aren't so bad if ya just treat em right and don't pick em up like ye never been gentle before. But moreover, I like their attitude. They're take-no-crap and very opportunistic...just like me!
Derp Sparrow by hi-its-meeeeThis about sums up me crew. God how I love em.
FREE Jellyfish Icon by koffeelamSomeone on Barbada once saw jellyfish in the water and was like, "afraid to make them mad." YA CAN'T MAKE A JELLYFISH MAD, GUYS. THEY'RE NOT BEES!
divider by Imperial-PalaceWhat's not to love about space? Someone once told me my name meant "star." I dunno for sure, but I'll take it anyhow.

Have you ever seen, or thought you've seen, a UFO? (whether you believe it was aliens or the government lol, it counts) 

38 deviants said No
34 deviants said Yes! (please explain)
Okay, time to explain where I've been.
Monday, my dad had to go into emergency surgery because of kidney issues.
They discovered his left kidney had actually died from blockage a couple years ago, evidently, so they removed it.
His right kidney was enlarged, as it had to compensate for its lost brother, and it was full of stones.
They used a laser to get rid of all but one stone, which will have to be dealt with in a few weeks because it's just too big.
His blood pressure was 240 over a hundred and something, and the fact that he didn't have a stroke or worse is just miraculous.
Blood pressure is still high, but nowhere near as high as before.

He's doing better, but i'm not sure when he'll be ok to go home.
Honestly i hope they keep him a while, he needs all the help he can get.
Eating is hard for him, i watched him throw up today after an ultrasound.

Monday night as we were headed to the hospital, i asked God for a dove.
He sent me a heavenly spirit that flew outside my window, loosing feathers and bits of light as it trailed us.
It walked beside me all the way into the hospital, and when i got to my dad, it flew up and rested on his left side, by his missing kidney.
My dad looked so, so sick, pale and could barely talk, and was hurting.
When that dove came in, the darkness i saw over him seemed to flee in fright of the dove.
Over the course of 20 minutes, as we interacted with him he gradually became more and more alive.
In fact, even after we were gone, at 10:00 that night my sister said he was wide awake and they talked all night.
She's been staying with him since Monday.
I walked in with that dove, but left it with dad, and the dove has remained with him ever since.
My hopes are it won't leave him for a long, long time.

        It's taken a few days, but tonight everything finally fell on top of me.
When i was a child, my grandfather died, and that was the very first moment death became real to me.
I suddenly felt fearful of losing my mom, who smoked (and still smokes), to cigarettes.
I remember hopping out of bed one night while she was getting ready for work, and hugging her legs and begging her to quit smoking.
For about a week, i recall her dropping me off at school, and i would stand in the hallway and cry for her out of fear that she wouldn't come back.
Obviously she always did, but that event truly left a mark on me.
        Tonight i thought about everything that's gone on this week, and how gruesome life can truly be.
I've had to watch my mom fight off cancer, and praise God i still have her, but i've recently learned that half of her bone mass has been lost since the fight.
The only way she can fight that is by taking a medicine that could basically cripple her, so for now, she's choosing not to take it.
I agree with this.
Then of course, recently, these issues with my dad arose, and today i had to watch him vomit and suffer.
Lastly, Friday will be my last official day of work, which means after Friday, no more money from me.
        So i had a good cry for a few minutes, remembering what i went through as a child and how it put the fate of my loved ones into perspective.
Being brushed up against by death has a way of clarifying things and bringing us back to reality.
The world we live in is sick and cold, and full of misery, but there are beautiful things -- things we take for granted, like our family.
My parents and i have problems, nobody's perfect but the fact that i even HAVE parents is a blessed thing.
Not everyone gets to keep theirs for so long, and tonight it occurs to me that i won't have them forever.
My mom was the one who got me through work, and it kills me knowing we won't be going to the same place anymore if they don't take me back in April.
My dad doesn't live with us, my parents divorced years ago and he isn't around all the time.
He's done much wrong by me in my lifetime, but also a lot of right, and i know i am very loved by him.
I love him very much, too.
Between him and other, supposedly "closer" relatives, he's actually done far more for me than the others ever will.

My point in explaining all this and getting this deep, is to remind those of you who are doing well or who have your loved ones, to just step back for a moment.
Go find that loved one you need; your parent, your guardian, whoever they are -- even if all you have is one friend on this earth, go and tell them you love them.
Tell them before you don't have the chance to again, because God doesn't promise us tomorrow.

        My heart is heavy, but my week is far from over and i have much to do.
Believe it or not though, i actually have been drawing and sketching like crazy, but not finished anything.
It might be the end of the week before i finish anything, which i know none of you mind.
I'm even about to get up to 1,000 watchers, and you'd better believe i'm going to do art for that!
And as usual, you know i'll be ok, but this is just something i felt obligated to share with all of you.
Thank you for reading if you did, and to those of you who hurt and are hurting, know that my heart goes out to you, as it always does.
I'm very grateful for what i have and will have, and know i am far more well off than most others.

Love you guys.



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