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For the Love of the Dark!
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~Please, Let That Child Live~~
Okay this is kind of random and blubbery but it has to come out, because i am in the throes of emotions and I feel like sharing because i love to share XD
Think of it as a big window into the start of learning who i am and what i love, and a huge part of me.
It also may answer some questions about certain things i do or mention, such as my enormous sentiment to evening time and sunsets.
I hope it resonates with someone, i hope it's appreciated by someone, and i hope it ends in us getting to talk and share.
        I can't explain much why, but lately i have been busting my butt to make something out of, well...something very very important to me from my childhood.
First off, i need to explain why childhood is important to me in the first place.
It's a novel and i apologize, but it just has to come out.
Growing up, i had a spectacular life.
I didn't have to hurt for much of anything.
I was the youngest child by a solid ten years, which meant i didn't
:iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 4 6
Make your own Kakamora! :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 13 4 Ignamorta Cover Art :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 19 4 Symmetrical Vortian Flag! :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 14 4 I tried :''L :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 15 6 Wiki: BIO :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 49 20 A Natural Born Hawaiian :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 18 7 Iggy: Moana Edition! :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 23 6 Suffering the Buffer :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 7 15 Zi Jing Sistsers: BIO :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 27 5 Oh No He Didnnn't :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 32 9 Hunting Fails 5 :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 5 3 Hunting Fails 4 :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 7 8 Hunting Fails 3 :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 8 7 Hunting Fails 2 :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 8 9 Hunting Fails 1 :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 9 12





Please do not ask me!!!
When these things are available, i will let you know!!!


Noble :iconheichukar:Heichukar 29 11 Evil Spirit :iconheichukar:Heichukar 24 24 Scatter :iconheichukar:Heichukar 48 43 Constellation :iconheichukar:Heichukar 25 29 Up High :iconheichukar:Heichukar 24 30 Commission for Polkadot-Creeper :iconeinhornprinz:Einhornprinz 83 5 Ridley :iconeinhornprinz:Einhornprinz 99 4 I MADE A SPEEDDRAW!! :iconfursonakittenmittens:FursonaKittenMittens 1 1 Atlantis: 266 :iconauldblue:AuldBlue 25 25 Atlantis: 265 :iconauldblue:AuldBlue 21 31 Together We Spied the Morn :iconauldblue:AuldBlue 41 16 (COM) Company :iconauldblue:AuldBlue 29 9 Atlantis: 264 :iconauldblue:AuldBlue 28 19 (COM) Airwhale :iconauldblue:AuldBlue 71 12 Moana :icontyrinecarver:TyrineCarver 422 23 Moana :iconmetaa:MeTaa 796 40



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Pirate Flag Stamp by Wearwolfaa

Live, Love, and LOOT!

Name: Fae FierceVulpine

Location: Dragon Realms -- the high seas (and skies)

--Who am I?--
Crazy "Jamaican" pirate with a super unhealthy dragon fixation.
P.S. I'm a fox.
Don't eat my food or I'll scream at you with my loud fox mouth. >:U *loud*

Look m' sword's a bit outdated in this pic of me, so here's a link to show ya the better one.…

Ya dare set foot on my page, huh?
Well that's just fine, so long as you remember one rule...
Be respectful.
That's right!
I welcome all -- the pure, the sin-stained, the lost, the found.
No matter what your belief, I will not cast you aside!
But put down my beliefs, fail to do as I do unto you, and you'll soon find yerself rockin' the wrong boat.

Life's a challenge, you know.
We've all gotta find our way through it, and mine is by maintaining faith and looking toward the stars as I sail my ship, the FreeFlyer through the vast night skies.
And of course, the mighty seas.
There be no storm too strong for Fae and HER crew, ha ha!

I have many interests at heart and they grow all the time.
Take a look at what I got!
But don't be stealin' it for yerself, or we'll be havin' a biiig problem...
You don't pirate stuff from pirates.
That's just stupid -- not to mention cowardly.
All right?

Don't be afraid to approach me, now!
You can address me as Fae, or Fox.
Or Captain...
...Or "Alyssa," if ya really must go that deep.
Behind this tough exterior lies a lover at heart, not a fighter.
I do all I can to get along.
So please, enjoy the journey with me!
Maybe when it's all over we can all pass around a mug of rum, huh?
Heh heh...

My crew is a lovely one, oh yes!
Me navigator and best friend, FursonaKittenMittens is still finding herself, too, but she is also an artist!
Please, go give'r a look!

AsphaltCat is me oldest friend, and is always adopting or making a new character, and her taste is phenomenal!

zhidkovv Is an amazing poet and writer.
Go to him if yer lookin' for somethin' good to read!

Milo-James-Thatch ?

Pitch----Black ...???

If ya want to know more about me, this folder in my gallery will tell you plenty!
I highly suggest looking at it to learn about me on an ah...less intimidating level. ;p…


Anchor - Free Icon by marti-cI LOVE anchors, such great decoration! And, ya know...Great for stoppin' the ship at sea.
Pirate Map by CrazyMLC...A map? PFFT! I can't navigate to save me tail. That's what Amme's for! I can read the land marks, though. Just don't ask me how to get anywhere.
Pirate coin by Tanukitsune1Ahhh yes, I love the gold and the gems. I put glitter and shine in all my art for a reason, ya know.
Crab Idle Animation by RehmielCRABS! I like to eat em, and to play with them. They really aren't so bad if ya just treat em right and don't pick em up like ye never been gentle before. But moreover, I like their attitude. They're take-no-crap and very opportunistic...just like me!
Derp Sparrow by hi-its-meeeeThis about sums up me crew. God how I love em.
FREE Jellyfish Icon by koffeelamSomeone on Barbada once saw jellyfish in the water and was like, "afraid to make them mad." YA CAN'T MAKE A JELLYFISH MAD, GUYS. THEY'RE NOT BEES!
divider by Imperial-PalaceWhat's not to love about space? Someone once told me my name meant "star." I dunno for sure, but I'll take it anyhow.
Ok so I've been complaining about my computer running like crap, and it's gotten to a point that I didn't even plug it in today.
I'm doing this journal from my phone :p
Anyway, chances are since I'm announcing this it'll get fixed soon (which wouldn't be a bad thing), but i need my brother in law to help me defrag it because i am literally too inept to figure that out myself and he's tech savvy.
Not that I can't figure it out, but i love my computer and i work really hard to take care of my things, so i want someone who really knows what they're doing to help me out and i PRAY this gets fixed.
So in the meantime I'm working on art and by morning will actually have four items to post, and a fifth because i am changing Kaitītaritari's appearance a little and will be replacing his current bio pic with a new one and making the adjustments to the bio itself.
Idk when that will all get to happen but from here i can at least get everything in stash :)
So be patient!

And PLEASE, while I appreciate your help as always, I don't need anyone going to the trouble of trying to teach me how to defrag.
Spend that energy commenting on an art X3 hahaha *hugs you all*
I'll have my bro in law show me, kay?
Just letting you all know it could be a while, or it could be not long at all.
We will see.
Also i will be slow replying to comments in the meantime :>

Thanks! :heart:

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FursonaKittenMittens Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
FoxDragonLover Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL i love that you said this turned into symbols but for me it's still a crying laughing face XD
StormySocks Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017   General Artist
oY I wanted to know the exact specs of what you use for your art? Like material-wise and how much youd say it cost to obtain the stuff like copics because those are HELLA expensive, and id like something in-reach ykno. I think i have an idea of what you use or ive heard before somewhere, but ye. :0 TELL.
FoxDragonLover Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OH ok!
I use copic markers, prisma pencils, some prisma markers black sharpie, black micron pens, and white gel pens on tones paper :)
By no means can i pay for these things all on my own, so usually i just buy in bulk with gift cards i get around the holidays or when my dad sometimes takes me out XD
It can be more than $100 or even $150 when i'm just restocking my basic things :"L
FoxDragonLover Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

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